Privacy Policy

This document explains how your data is handled when using some of the Services provided by MassiveBox.

List of the Services for which this document applies


None of our websites to which this Privacy Privacy applies use cookies.
Since Telegram bots don't have a way to memorize data on the user's device, no equivalent for cookies exists for Telegram bots.

Data we receive

When using any of our websites, our system receives all the information transmitted by default by the HTTP protocol or the User's web browser.
This includes data such as IP address, user agent, the URL of the page the User is visiting, and more. Please check your browser's Privacy Policy for a complete list.
When using any of our Telegram bots, our system receives all the information transmitted by default by the Telegram Bot API. A comprehensive list of such information can be accessed at Telegram's Terms of Service.

Data we store

Data submitted through the form at will be stored in our database for an unlimited amount of time.
We keep access logs and error logs for about three days, with a maximum of seven. They include the precise time of the request, the IP address of the requester, the request method and the URL of the request.
A processed version of such logs is stored in our server for an unlimited amount of time. See below for details about processed log storage.
All other data is not stored in our systems for more than the time necessary to receive the request, elaborate a response, and send it to the user.

Processed logs storage

Access logs are processed using Matomo Log Analytics on a Matomo instance hosted in our own server.
Matomo uses a GeoIP database to estimate the country, region and city from IP addresses gathered in logs. The IP database is locally hosted, therefore IP addresses never leave our server. Please note that this is not location data, it's a very losely estimate of where an IP might be from.
Then Matomo generates an unique ID from the IP address using an hashing function that does not allow to obtain the original IP from the generated unique ID.
Matomo then anonymizes the IP address by replacing its second half with zeros.
Matomo stores for an unlimited amount of time the following information: the estimated country, region and city, the user identifier, the anonymized IP, the time of request.

Data usage

We will use the data we have received to provide the basic functionality of our Services, detect unauthorize access and perform some privacy-friendly user base analysis.

Third parties

Policy updates

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without warning, with immediate effect. The updated policy will be published on this page from time to time.
Last update: 20 October 2022.


This list is just for reference, and is in no way complete or detailed.

Contact if you need additional information.
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