JilJil Android Pre-Release

This page contains information on the current progress of the rewrite of the old game JilJil for Android, download links, and a form to report what works and what doesn't.
I encourage you to submit the form after playing for a bit, as that greatly helps me to find bugs. Thank you!

I have decided to host a public pre-release for this software, which I very rarely do in other cases, because Android has major inconsistencies across different devices, architectures, and versions.
Since I have just a couple of devices on hand for testing, I hope that with your help I will confirm that the software works sufficiently well on different platforms.

Pre-Release status

Currently, the software is in PRE-MVP, with version code 0.0.1.
Currently, the game can be played only with an external keyboard. Touch controls haven't been implemented yet.
Without an external keyboard, you will be only able to install the app, launch it, see the main menu and start the game.
With an external keyboard you will be able to move, access and use the pause menu.

More features are planned: increasing game difficulty over time, different game modes, online rankings.


You can download the pre-release APKs here. Look for the one with the greatest number.
Make sure you have read the previous sections.
By installing this game, you acknowledge it's pre-release software and might contain faults or errors. The developer assumes no responsibility for problems that might be caused by it.


You can report your experience via this form. Thank you! (Everything is optional)
I will store the answers for internal use only.